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'Junior' writes a history of United Airlimes
I've a BIG problem with ANONE who's in ANY area involving the public (THAT'S YOU!), and they can't get their FACTS CORRECT. The simplest things are proofreading, and lots and lots of checking,mto make sir re everything's 'copacetic'. In the past couple ofmdecades, the influx of technical lgy might have eased the ability to handle once difficult graphic work and layout, etc., but, alongside, the brains of the people working in any of these areas has gone out the window. In this mess, they say the (1974) redesign was by 'Sail Bass'. 😳 Who? What the f...? It's VERY well-known, LEGENDARY graphic designer, Saul Bass! Oh, yeah; I don't work in graphics, but, I DOMhave that much of an education to know the man's name!!!
Your poor, lack of fact-checkimg, layout, rechecking. Amateurish.
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